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Seasoning ▼Dry food
  Soy sauce, Tsuyu   Rice, Rice cake
  BBQ sauce, Cooking sauce   Tempura flour, Bread crumbs
  Mayonnaise, Dressing   Dessert mix, Anko, Syrup
  Noodle soup   Sesame
  Oil   Japanese spice, Wasabi
  Mirin, Cooking sake   Nametake, Dried Japanese radish
  Vinegar, Ponzu, Sushi vinegar   Ajitsuke inari bean curd, Tofu
  Salt, Sugar   Sukiyaki noodle, Konnyaku
  Soup stock dashi   Miso paste
Tea, Drink, Snack    
  Green tea, Brown tea Japanese curry sauce, Instant food
  Soft drink  

Japanese curry sauce mix

  100Yen snack   Japanese stew sauce mix
  Dorayaki, Wagashi   Japanese style pasta sauce
      Chinese style cooking sauce
Pickles   Seasoned rice mix
  Sushi ginger, Pickled plum   Ochazuke
  Pickled vegetables, Pickles base   Furikake
    Instant miso soup
  Dried udon, Soba, Somen Seaweed, Seafood
  Fresh noodle   Nori, Wakame
  Instant ramen, Yakisoba noodle   Katsuo, Iriko, Harusame
  Instant cup noodle  
Frozen food
Agricultural products Seafood
  Fried bean curd, Dampling skin   Grilled eel
  Natto   Prawn, Squid
  Edamame, Taro, Vegetables   Saury, Fish fillet, Mackerel
  Frozen ramen, Udon noodle   Shellfish, Cod roe
      Chikuwa, Kamaboko, Fish paste
Fry, Instant food   Seaweed
  Croquette, Fried food    
  Dimsim, Dampling, Octopus ball  ▼ Ice cream
      Ice cream, Sweets
Beef, Pork slice    
  Sukiyaki beef, Sliced pork    
100Yen Japanese home item Japanese home item
  Kitchen goods   Chopsticks
  Chopsticks, Plates   Sushi mat
  General goods   Knife, Whetstone
  Washing, Cleaning   Teapot, Teacup
  Gardening   General goods
      Kitchen goods
Japanese made products   Washing goods
Electric rice cooker, Hot water pot   Shampoo, Conditioner
  Sukiyaki pot, Shabushabu pot   Skin care
  Electric transformer   For women
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