▼Delivery Service


1) We deliver it to your door.
2) Please specify for the delivery place. eg, home, office etc.
3) Please inquire directly of our office in detail. If you are in doubt about your deliveing region/suburb.
4) Please note that deliveries from $200 or more in some regionsis reqired some region cannot be done for less then $100.00.
5) The delivery charge is different depending on the delivery region and the amount of money of purchase. We confirm your delivery charge price beforehand by "Delivery Area charge price table according to SUBURB".
Under $100.00 Your order is less than $99.99 becomes PICK UP only by the customer.
$100.00-$199.99 A delivery charge different according to the $100.00-$199.99.
Over $200.00 $200.00 or more is free of the delivery charge.
6) The customer (outside the state) who isn't in a delivery region of our company will mail (postage money is not included) info about the shipment. The frozen food is excluded. Please inquire to JTT office for more detail.

A delivery day of the week for the commodity is denendent on the delivery region. Please acknowledge that some changes in a delivery day of the week and time zone might be especially generated in the delivery region in the distance by convenience beforehand. Please excuse of though the following day of the week becores the delivery day.
*Please be aware it is not possible to schedule a delivery time.
@We will deliver again when it is not possible to receive it by some circumstances.
An additional $10.00 of the delivery charge if (the distance area is $15.00).
APlease acknowledge that special delivery charge money is charged regardless of the delivery area or the amount of money of purchase. When you task for a special delivery, the delivery overtime may be done for the customer's convenience.

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